“Sample’n Cooking” is now available for international orders!


Hello. We have good news today.
You can now purchase “Sample’n Cooking” from outside of Japan.

About "Sample’n Cooking"
DIY Replica Food Kit - Experience making realistic and looks delicious Replica Foods at home using safe materials, including traditional wax, etc. Feel the tradition and techniques of Iwasaki, Leading company of replica foods, with this unique kit.

Please enjoy making "Sample’n Cooking

The available products for purchase are as follows:
Sample’n Cooking melon float
Sample’n Cooking strawberry float
Sample’n Cooking tropical float
Sample'n Cooking orange float
Sample’n Cooking coke float
Sample’n Cooking ginger ale
Sample’n Cooking beer
Sample’n Cooking  strawberry parfait
Sample’n Cooking melon parfait
Sample’n Cooking  tropical parfait
Sample’n Cooking  pineapple parfait
Sample’n Cooking  chocolate parfait
Sample’n Cooking  matcha parfait



<Important considerations>
Sample’n Cooking" is a product that contains animal-derived gelatin. When making a purchase, we kindly ask customers to personally confirm their country's restricted/prohibited items list and laws regarding the importation of such products.

Thank you for your continued patronage of Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya. We kindly ask for your continued support in the future.